2018 International Women’s Day

Upon this International Women’s Day, 2018, do we know?…

Fondly, we can be more dazzling than hot finite flames.

Kindly, our cool eternal souls can glow immense invisible warmth.

Happily, we can grow connections with people who care about women.

Including our best selves. Whether hidden or on show.

Thanks to everyone who helps women shine.

Today on International Women’s Day, every day, and every night.


Warrior Women

Drafting author. Facilitator. Rape-survivor. Crafting fiction and workshops for warrior-women to rehearse victories, inshallah.

I got brave and updated my bio. (Thank you, Rachel Thompson!)

My novel is not yet available, but I am drafting it with support from my editor, writing coach, and friends.

My workshops are not yet running, but I have proposed them to a London organisation and been met with initial acceptance.

I am writing, speaking, collaborating. Slowly, I am becoming who I need to be for my warrior-women. Vulnerably, I am saying, this is me. I can do this inshallah. Just like I believe in you.

Pooling My Hailstorm

Blessings hail hard upon my heart.

I must keep warm, be moving,

yet craft a little stillness for my soul.


Blessings flow fast within my fingers.

I need to read, through writing—

it’s words that help me whet my dusty thanks.


Blessings hail hard upon my heart.

To walk the path that’s written,

I have to run with the beat of blessings.


Leena Nasri is a drafting author of warrior-women’s fiction. She wrote this poem on World Poetry Day 2017.

You Chose to Grow

I thank God you chose to grow.

I feel sadness for people who act badly – out of character – and subsequently lower themselves rather than forgive and strive on.

I am grateful that I tend to want the best for everyone, no matter how terribly they have behaved. But I prefer to pray for oppressors at a distance.

I understand that often oppressors were victimised at some point. But several will not repair their characters. Many perpetrators of crimes will not apologise.

I prefer the close company of people who were pushed down and who rose, to break the cycles of oppression. The victims who got up in their own time, gifted themselves with forgiveness, and became survivors; warriors.

The beauty of flowers reminds me of your excellent choice to be you.

You chose to grow. You are beautiful. I thank God for flowers.


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Planning for Protection

I have spent years of my life hoping, planning, and trying to help women in small ways I felt were important. I’ve been willing to be very vulnerable to reach out to them. My own dignity mattered less than others’.

I have often been correct when I’ve sensed someone wants a friend to help resolve a problem. To help them feel comfortable and trusting enough to open up, I have shared a lot about myself. And, in many cases, my own exposure has helped sisters to start talking to me and think through their issues with support alhamdulillah.

Often I’ve shared personal stories with humour to help people feel like they fitted in — and to break the ice.

But in recent years my intentions have been completely misunderstood.

I reached out to someone, to try and help her feel ‘at home’ and accepted. I showed interest in her through questions and invited equality through sharing some of my backstories with her.

But she fantasised horrible intentions behind my behaviour, and accused me of them without paying any attention to my explanations.

I shared some personal experiences with another person who was going through a situation related and similar to one I’d endured. Hers required more patience than mine had so I offered my case as reassurance that it would be alright for her in the end. But she suspected me of withholding information she wanted, and of being untruthful.

Both were awful experiences. The latter person cut me off. Subhanallah.

About the former, I asked Allah SWT to keep her away from me until she was good for me. Alhamdulillah, He granted me enormous leave of absence.

Recently, I was in her company, however. I assumed she had stopped being judgemental of me. I let my guard down. I wanted to welcome her with open arms. To let her close to me, as sisters.

I was wrong to do this. Wrong that he had let go of judging me. And wrong to think I needed to let my guard down.

I had wanted her to accept my help at the outset of our relationship. She didn’t want it. I had wanted her to accept me. It wasn’t going to happen.

Alhamdulillah, at our latest encounter, she was good for me. Not as company in itself but through the lesson I learned from seeing myself with her.

I finally learned it is time to stop making myself completely vulnerable, in order to try and help others. I learned to choose wisely about when to sacrifice my comfort in order for me or someone else to progress.

I learned that I want to protect myself. I need to. I intend to inshallah.

Not every needy person I meet wants my help. But I do. And Allah SWT keeps on connecting me with people who do want my support. And people who want to support me. Alhamdulillah.

For my novel, I am currently planning the actions required of my protagonists to meet the story goal — to overcome the monster.

At the beginner of my drafting process, the free-writing pantser in me had wanted to discover the processes of their successes as I wrote. I was excited about that kind of discovery. But the survivor in me says no. It is time for me to put my guard up. To plan for success and deliver. To protect myself, my fictional characters, and the women in my tribe, and to be disciplined in so doing inshallah.

Inshallah, by planning my novel outline in detail early on in my drafting journey, I am structuring a strong space for awesome discoveries between myself and the women I work with during editing and publishing, and the women I connect with through the book. I am tremendously excited about that.

So I say yes to my uncomfortable confinement of planning when it is a foundation for positive expression and transformation, for myself and others.

Alhamdulillah I keep happening upon reading materials which help me to develop into a better helper. A sister who heals others without compromising her true needs. The excerpt below is from an article about practising self discipline written by Muslim life coach Sayeda Habib, mashallah.

‘We can sometimes let our ego or hurt get the better of us… keep the bigger picture in mind; this will help you to choose your words more carefully. Also, there may be situations where you felt that you shared too much with someone. If you have a habit of revealing too much, then ask yourself “Is it because I want this person to like me? Do I wish to belong?” Our need for acceptance can sometimes get the better of us. So, in situations where you may be feeling vulnerable, have a mental “cheat-sheet” of things that you are willing to share about yourself. This way, you will feel prepared and more in control.’
I love its suggestion to think in advance about what I am willing to share with others and to keep to my boundaries, mashallah. I want protection for all survivors, all women, everyone, including me inshallah.

And now I know how to action my new intentions inshallah. For myself, for my characters, and for my readers. I’ve got my pencil and my notebook, and I am planning for protection.

Leena Nasri is drafting author of YA suspense fiction, for women of faith who like London. She is a planner in pencil and a pantser in ink.

Ebb and Flow

I am planning and pantsing my novel. It’s a sort of ebb and flow process.

Fluxing, growing, and balancing between intentional structuring and free writing.

I am new to embracing a project as enormous as writing a novel. Recently, I felt imprisoned by the plans I made. Anxious. Unmotivated to write. Losing myself, in a mist I steamed up.

Then I remembered. This is how life is meant to feel. Like a prison. Within which I can find moments of delight – insights into the bliss of Heaven.

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The world is a prison-house for a believer and paradise for a non-believer.  (Muslim, Book 42, Hadith 7058)

I have sensed my prison when planning my story.

I have tasted Heaven when writing.

I am an ebb and flow writer.

Working with the blessings raining down on me.

Running with the river of words flowing from my soul.

I am a planner in pencil and a pantser in ink.


Leena Nasri is drafting author of YA suspense fiction, for women of faith who like London. Subscribe to emails from Leena Nasri.


Joy in the Small Hours

I have found joy in the small hours many times.

I have wobbled in self-confidence. I am working on that.

I am awake. I am grateful.

I know what I am meant to be doing.

Befriended by a few supportive souls.

Working on what I am meant to be doing.

Content being too awake to sleep in the small hours.

I am hugely happy to be awake.



Who am I writing for?

Dear Amazing Reader, I have you in mind and heart while I am drafting my YA novel this November for NanoWrimo2016. This is especially so if you are a woman … who has faith … who likes (or loves) London … and you have survived assault/abuse. ❤

It is likely my first book will be two or three years in the making. Over the next twelve months, I will prepare to work with my editor inshallah. And I hope I will connect with you too.

Thanks again for your interest.




I thought today was Monday and so I thought I was on time. Perhaps I shall plan to post on Tuesdays. Let’s see what happens next week. I hope you have a good one. 🙂

Ready to Write


I am ready to write, write, write through November for NanoWrimo inshallah.

While I am enjoying my last few minutes of not writing, and not being under any pressure to write, I am looking forward to writing.

My novel is a suspense story about a rescue in London. Its main character is a young woman. So far I have met five characters, and I’ve seen some of their connections across crowded halls. I know what my protagonist will achieve and I am looking forward to discovering how.

I have chosen to plan only loosely before I start free writing. One of my characters is a meticulous strategist, however. I have firm intentions to not meet with him on my first day inshallah!

Until next Monday, I hope you have a good week inshallah.