Ebb and Flow

I am planning and pantsing my novel. It’s a sort of ebb and flow process.

Fluxing, growing, and balancing between intentional structuring and free writing.

I am new to embracing a project as enormous as writing a novel. Recently, I felt imprisoned by the plans I made. Anxious. Unmotivated to write. Losing myself, in a mist I steamed up.

Then I remembered. This is how life is meant to feel. Like a prison. Within which I can find moments of delight – insights into the bliss of Heaven.

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The world is a prison-house for a believer and paradise for a non-believer.  (Muslim, Book 42, Hadith 7058)

I have sensed my prison when planning my story.

I have tasted Heaven when writing.

I am an ebb and flow writer.

Working with the blessings raining down on me.

Running with the river of words flowing from my soul.

I am a planner in pencil and a pantser in ink.


Leena Nasri is drafting author of YA suspense fiction, for women of faith who like London. Subscribe to emails from Leena Nasri.



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